Why Retrofit?

1. Cost Efficient:

Operating an electric feet is cheaper than operating a diesel feet because

  • Diesel cost is very high compared to electricity and it is increasing at an exponential rate
  • Low Maintenance Cost of an electric feet.
  • The initial investment (capital) is much lower than the cost incurred in buying a new EV.
With an electric vehicle, users need not worry about the frequent maintenance of:

• Fuel Filter
• Engine Oil
• Oil filter
• Engine
• Engine accessories

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2. Government Norms:

  • BS VI : Supreme court’s order to stop the sale of BS IV vehicles from April 2020 is expected to dynamically increase the vehicle cost for BS VI compliant vehicle.
  • Curfew: With rising pollution levels in our metro cities, Indian government has issued curfew like odd-even rule and curbed the usage diesel vehicles in certain metro city limits.
  • Vision 2030: In line with Indian Government’s endeavor to achieve 30% electric mobility by the year 2030, our EV Retroft Kits will play a key role in the EV segment towards achieving this goal.

After retrofit, Customers will save ₹4.6/km on fuel and maintenance cost.

The more your vehicle runs, faster the ROI. Do check the table below to know how much you can save on your operational cost based on your average daily commute distance




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